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Name: Dimi Doukas
QTH: Vihti, Finland

This is Finland

I got my license in April 2014. Everything after that happen fast. When I get excited about something, I don't hold back :) I bought me Kenwood TS-2000, actually from ebay as a second hand, and it was my first purchase in ebay so the risk was somewhat high :) But everything went good and the rig traveled from North Dakota, USA. I also bought Diamond V2000 vertical antenna for 70cm/2m/6m and got myself (built with my friend from the local radio club) home made OCF antenna for 10-80m. In May I was already getting my first abroad QSOs, to Germany (the first one), Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Greece.... The world started to open. The world I had longed since I was about 10 yr old and my english teacher OH2DB was a radio amateur - that's when I got the interest of getting to understand more about that hobby someday in the future. Unfortunately it took like 30+ years from that day for it to actualise. The idea of being able to contact people all over the world through the air with radio waves, with just a radio and antenna, inspires me a lot. Even today the internet and cellular phones don't make this hobby less interesting or less important as a communication media. On the contrary I feel it's even more exiting, as it is not that easy, it needs you to learn things and to become part of the group of licensed people to be able and allowed to do that. It is also known that when there's a power outage and the infrastructure is down, Ham radios run by batteries will carry on - at least as long as the batteries last :) Radioamateurs and their equipments and their skills have been used in many emergencies when nothing else works, including 9/11.

I work mainly with SSB but sometimes I try other modes as well, like RTTY or  FT8. I wish to learn also CW ('morse code') somewhere in the future, because you can build CW station and antenna quite easily with quite small amount of money and you can get very long distance contacts (Australia, South America etc) even when the weather is lousy for the voice communications. At the moment I'm practising it - though it might take a while to learn it :) I bought a lot of different kind of rigs at first, but after buying KX3 I didn't feel I needed much more than that. So I've sold a lot of stuff away and I have now a lot smaller pile of devices on my desk :) In 2019 I bought also IC-7300 mainly because of the easy remote operations but also because it's widely supported on digital modes as well.

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