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Name: Dimi Doukas
QTH: Vihti, Finland

This is Finland

Despite my age 40+ I'm pretty new radio amateur. I got my license in April 2014. Everything after that happen fast. When I get excited about something, I don't hold back :) I bought me Kenwood TS-2000 used from ebay and it came all the way from North-Dakota (and it was my first ebay purchase ever). Then I bought Diamond V2000 vertical antenna for 70cm/2m/6m. Then for HF (longer distance usage) I got myself (built with my HAM friend from the local radio club) a home made OCF 'Off Center Feed dipole' antenna for 10-80m. In May I was already getting my first abroad QSOs, to Germany (the first one), Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Greece.... The world started to open. The world I had longed since I was about 10 yr old and my english teacher was a radio amateur. The idea of being able to contact people all over the world through the air with radio waves inspired me. Not even today the internet and it's options to communicate and cellular phones they don't make this hobby less interesting. The excitement getting your voice through your rig and antenna all they way through the air, bouncing from the atmosphere near the boarder of the space to the other side of the world is something you don't get to feel when using 'the way too easy' communication media through the internet. After almost 2 years when I got my first basic level license, I did another test and got myself a common (higher) level license, which allows me to use 1500W transmitting power instead of 120W.

I have another radio Yaesu 857D and Diamond 770R antenna in my car to mainly communicate through the repeaters that we have all over in Finland. But it's also my pedition radio when I'm traveling or on vacation. Almost the whole country is covered with 2m repeaters, so where ever you drive, you can normally reach some of the repeaters and talk with the local HAMs. I have also couple of cheaper handheld radios. One is for 70cm/2m and the other one is for 2m/4m. The 2m/4m radio is for voluntary rescue services that I've joined.

I'm looking for options to get more directional antenna(s) to get longer and more targeted communications to DX stations even further away. Maybe yagis, spider beam, hex beam or something. To be able to go over the North pole to the other side of the world, to talk (not only listen) to the even more faraway stations.

I've now tested also Digimode (PSK31). But my goal is to learn CW ('morse code').  Since you can build the CW station and antenna quite easily and cheap and you get very far contacts even when the 'weather' is lousy for the voice communications.

You can find me mostly on 20m band, but also other bands like 17m, 15m, 40m time to time - depending on weather. But my antennas at the moment are optimized for 20m.

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